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Presentations by People Living in Wind Energy Factories

This video was taken during a citizens' informational meeting in Whitley County, Indiana. The presentation features Dave and Stephanie Hulthen, of Dekalb County, Illinois. They discuss what living in a wind energy factory is like for themselves and their children; the Hulthens' home, on about five acres in a rural area of Dekalb County, is near several turbines, with the closest one about 1,400 feet away from their home. The video was produced by Whitley County Concerned Citizens and is provided courtesy of them and

Concerned citizens of Delaware County, NY, created this video. The video begins by introducing the speakers silently. Residents of Tug Hill talk about the varied experiences of living with industrial wind energy. Video courtesy of the citizens group and

Life Under a Windplant is three-part documentary that covers life with a wind energy conversion system operating in Meyersdale, PA. The WEC System was completed in 2001. The documentary includes interviews with residents who have lived with the turbines for five years.

Life Under a Windplant, part 1.

Life Under a Windplant, part 2.

Life Under a Windplant, part 3.

Videos of Flicker Shadow and Wind Turbine Noise

Larry Wunsch, lives with his wife in the Forward Energy Wind Farm Project, near the Horizon Marsh in Wisconsin. His video and audio recordings show what life in a wind energy factory looks and sounds like. The video is provided by courtesy of Mr. Wunsch and

Created by Matt Metzger, the video shows shadow flicker at his parents’ home in Ontario, Canada. Video courtesy Mr. Metzger and

Fond du Lac County, WI, has 1,000-foot setbacks for wind turbines that are 400 feet tall. As this video demonstrates, noise and shadow flicker disturb residents who find the setback distance inadequate. Video courtesy of A Better Plan Wisconsin.

The Monroe County Fair Wind Coalition working group made a presentation at the regular meeting of the Monroe County Regional Planning Commission on April 4th. We are deeply gratified that the commissioners agreed to work with us to draft amendments and updates to our county's Wind Energy Conversion Systems (WECS) ordinance.

Our working group's exploration of WECS and the experiences of communities living with and within wind factories now can be used to strengthen our county's ordinance.

Please click to view and download a pdf file of our presentation slides.

Lots More Information Is Available

We have referenced and provided downloads and links to additional information throughout the pages of this website. Much more information on industrial wind energy generating systems is available; much of it just a click away. provides regular updates from across the U.S. and the globe on wind energy issues.

The North American Platform Against Windpower (NA-PAW), is aligned with the European Platform Against Windpower (EPAW), and provides additional information.

A Better Plan, Wisconsin, details wind energy concerns in the badger state.

Stop Factory Wind. Keep Fair Wind.

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