Amend The Weak Ordinance

"Don't Forget, You Commissioners Represent the People of This County. Not Mr. Koppeis. Not His Assistant."

Merrill Prange, retired Monroe County Treasurer, at the Commissioner-hosted August 2018 public meeting to discuss Koppeis' wind energy generation system project.

What Must Be Changed and Why

Throughout these pages we discuss a variety of issues that should be addressed by encouraging county decision-makers to amend our Monroe County Wind Energy Generation Systems (WECS) ordinance. In our view, the ordinance does not protect county residents and our resources and we recommend amending the ordinance in the following areas.

• Set-back requirements from adjoining properties and from public roadways and easements;

• Due consideration of the high potential of steep de-valuation of real property;

• Protection of our county's fiscal health should a WEC System fail;

• Protection of our emergency responders from the dangers of turbine failure, collapse, fire, and material throw;

• Protection for all landowners – both potential lessors and their non-participating neighbors and nearby residents – from flicker shadow, noise, infrasound, and electromagnetic interference;

• Protection for the karst-sinkhole plain and its unique nature, and the living waters of our cave systems;

• Protection for natural and recreational areas and for our area’s wildlife, including our forests and hill prairie corridor.

Keep Fair Winds For All of Monroe County

A rolling landscape, dotted with sinkholes. Deep forests, sweeping up and down steep ravines. A few creeks and streams, some of which have wizard-like qualities and disappear and then reappear as springs; circular sinkhole ponds offering refuge to frogs, ducks, and afternoon-off fishing relaxation. Quiet nights to listen to the music of frogs and toads chorusing for mates; spring mornings filled with a symphony of bird song as they, too, claim territories and hope to mate. Recreational opportunities aplenty for hunters to seek turkey, deer, rabbits, squirrels, and other game. Long Sunday drives to admire the sheer beauty of palisade-like bluff escarpments. Places to gather and play and see kids put down electronic devices in favor of ballgames, picnics, horseback rides, hikes, and being explorers. An area wealthy in its civic and social life, abundant landscapes, and rich in natural resources.

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